5 in Kardemir. Blast Furnace Ignited

📩 01/12/2018 16:40

5 in Kardemir. Blast Furnace Ignited: KARDEMİR A.Ş. 1.2 with its engineers annual 5 million tons capacity by its own. The Blast Furnace was commissioned today.
The ceremony was held in KARDEMİR Cultural Center hall, Science Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık, Transport, Shipping and Communications President Lütfu Ervan, Karabük Governor Orhan Alimoğlu, AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Şahin and KARDEMİR A.Ş Vice Chairman Kamil Güleç attended the ceremony.
Speaking at the ceremony, Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light, 70 per cent of steel production in the world ore and coking coal, scrap the 30 percent, from the scrap of the 70 percent in Turkey, said that from the ore of 30 percent.
Stating that he has spent the most work in the Iron and Steel industry since the day he took over the ministry, Minister Işık said, “Only KARDEMİR, ERDEMİR and İSDEMİR are producing from the ore and producing from 22 scraps. Japan is the second largest steel producing country in the world after China. Ore imports coke completely. We also buy and sell the world's scrap. We have the opposite situation in the world. We take the scrap of Japan and America. This is not sustainable. Turkey is the world's largest scrap importer. This is not acceptable. We cannot produce qualified steel. We are loaded into long product. We want to change this structure. We have worked hard on the production of ore-based liquid steel. We want liquid steel production to increase. At this point, we will continue to support those who want to invest. Turkey, 70 percent ore, scrap from the production balance when it comes to 30 percent of their scrap to be self-sufficient. It will not have to import scrap from the world. In this respect, we care about the industry. We especially want KARDEMİR to continue its pioneering position in this sector. Today, we are the 8th steel producer in the world. With the next few years of investment, we will pass Germany and become the XNUMXth in the world and the first steel producer in Europe. We don't see this alone enough. We want to be the leader of Europe in qualified steel. We will especially support investments on iron and steel, not on kilograms, but on quality basis. ”
Minister Elven many products now if they want to get outside, they want to produce in Turkey, it is for the qualified human resources, he said that they have adequate technological infrastructure.
Today, Turkey's Kardemir Minister emphasized that produces its own rail in Elven, "Agility from Edirne to Kars, Turkey began the south to the north side of knitting with a four iron network. We renewed the infrastructure of 100 kilometers of the 150-kilometer railway line, which has been untouched for 10-8 years. KARDEMİR will start producing high speed train boats soon and we are committed to purchasing it now. Our next term goal is to build our own national high-speed train. We started to work in this direction. We have finished all the design work. We went to the industrial design and engineering design tender. In the coming period, we will produce our high-speed train in Turkey with all the locals who do not complete it is complete. We need a lot. Turkey has a strong and growing stability within the economically booming Turkey. You will produce, and we will buy and reform our infrastructure as the state and the state ”.
After the speeches, Kardemir Deputy Chairman of the Board Kamil Güleç and AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Şahin gave a plaque to the Ministers Elvan and Işık. When KARDEMİR was founded, the first iron plate produced was delivered to the ministers for delivery to Prime Minister Davutoğlu. Then the Blast Furnace was fired by pressing the button.
The ministers then put on workers' aprons and put on their hard hats and examined them in the Blast Furnace No. 5.

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