Barbecue in the snow

Enjoyment of Barbecue in the Snow: The 'Snow Festival' held at Nemrut Ski Center in Tatvan district of Bitlis witnessed colorful scenes. The 'Snow Festival' held in Nemrut Ski Center in Tatvan district ofitlis witnessed colorful scenes.

The Snow Festival, organized by the Güroymak District Governorship of Bitlis and the Güroymak Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (GESO) at Nemrut Ski Center, was attended by Güroymak District Governor Çağlayan Kaya, institution directors, citizens and many skiers from the surrounding provinces. The event, which started with drums and zurna, continued with the participation of Governor Kaya in the dance halay. Giving information about the event, Governor Çağlayan Kaya stated that they, as Güroymaklılar, have been living with snow for years and with the difficulties of snow, said, “We held a meeting about turning profit into advantage. We said that we wanted to bring together our tradesmen, citizens and headmen in Nemrut Ski Center so that they can both have fun and enjoy the snow while skiing. As far as we ask, they are attending such an organization for the first time in their lives. We are very happy to be instrumental in this. From now on, we will continue our winter and spring picnics gradually. I hope we will continue the Güroymak spring festivals in the spring. Everyone is happy right now. We will taste our barbecue taste. Later, those who wish will be able to ski. I would like to thank those who contributed to this organization ”.