Acrobatics on snow

Acrobatics on snow: The snow-storm approached the 3 meter. The acrobatic show by snowboard trainers at the Kartalkaya Ski Center in Bolu has attracted great interest.

Kartalkaya, which is one of the stops of capital city rock fans, organizes different activities. In this region, snowboard trainers working in a hotel, in this context, presented the show. Trainers who jumped in the air, jumping over snow, took great interest. Citizens who watched the shows with interest, immortalized by taking lots of photos of colorful moments.


Timucin Doğan, Director of Snowboard School, said that 20 has been a professional snowboarding trainer for years. UM Skiing and snowboarding are a separate sport. The skiing is in the usual reflex stance, trying to go sideways and go straight. I would recommend snowboarding to those who want to feel the love of nature, peace and excitement. Doğa