Kahramanlı Logistics strengthens its fleet

Kahramanlı Logistics has strengthened its fleet: Kahramanlı Logistics, one of the leading companies in the logistics sector in our region, added power to its fleet by adding new 115 units to its fleet.
Kahramanlı Logistics, headquartered in Mersin and serving many countries abroad, especially Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Germany, France and Italy, strengthened and rejuvenated its fleet with 115 new vehicles. Chairman of the Board of Kahramanlı Logistics Ali Kahramanlı said, “As Kahramanlı Group, we expanded and rejuvenated our fleet. We do business all over transplant in Turkey today as a group, we're doing container business. "We partially import and export Mersin, Adana, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Konya, Karaman and Kayseri."
Stating that they have been in the industry for nearly 40 years, Ali Kahramanlı said, “We had around 200 vehicles so far, we added 115 Mercedes tow trucks and axor 1840s to our fleet. We will provide better service from now on. We will continue to serve when requested, at any time. We will work harder. We do both international, maritime and road transport. We have a temporary acceptance warehouse in Mersin. We built this warehouse to strengthen the hand of the importer and exporter in our region. "We have some problems with the latest decision of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, but we believe that this problem will be overcome and become old again as soon as possible."
Stating that their temporary admission warehouse is very important for the region, Kahramanlı said, “We have a closed area of ​​7 thousand square meters and an open area of ​​55 thousand square meters in our warehouse. We have 3 containers, 20 forklifts, 55 container carriers. Besides, we have a cold storage. So whether Turkey's Mersin and logistics mention of any kind of service anywhere, we're doing business address for delivery. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We try to give the best service as a team. "From now on, we will work better, grow and expand our business, and we will endeavor to keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level by working 24 hours a day."



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