Jaquet Technology Group

Our company's 47 years of experience with JAQUET Technology Group experience birleşti.türki to distrübütürlüg the JAQUET products we made speed sensors, tachometers s modular, relays, control and protection, aşırıhız control and protection, you can safely use your equipment by early error detection units 320 degree / 600 F temperature and 300,000 overthrow With models suitable for high vibratory installations,
-General and gas turbines
-Hydraulic systems
- Steam and water turbines
- Railway vehicles
- Turbocharger generators
-Industrial machines
They can be used in areas such as. The unreadable and uncontrollable speed is dangerous for operating systems.
Speed ​​sensor can be used in many areas with Jaquet's long-standing experience and can be selected according to demand
Speed ​​sensor-affordable industrial solutions
There is no problem for tooth spacing rings.
Machine error diagnostics with early error detection technology in fuel consumption and system protection innovation
Tachometer module analog output and relay, with or without display
Jaquet T500 / t600 with service in machines to control and protect the machine innovation
Overspeed control and protection
Turkey Representative: Industrial Technical
Ankara Headquarters / Ankara Headquarters
Argentina Cd. 8 / 2, 06680 GOP ANKARA
Wire: (312) 427 68 08-09
Fax: (312) 427 68 07
email: info@endustriteknik.com



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