Izmit Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs

Izmit Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs 2014u spent intensive: The Municipality of Izmit Municipality of Science Affairs last year in terms of activity was very busy.
According to information received from the Directorate of Science Affairs in the last year in Izmit 85 different street and street work was made asphalt. 37 thousand 67 tons of asphalt material is used in these studies, officials said, UM Mayor Dr. Nevzat Dogan does not want problems in streets and streets in Izmit. We work in this direction as Science Works teams. 366 thousand 73 meter parquet floor at 540 point in 274 point, 22 bin 875 meter border at 63 point and 4 bin 456 meter rain gutter at XNUMX point were done.
24 mobile intervention team consisting of 8 personnel who are not planned to intervene in the unforeseen sudden adversities, the officials said, X Our mobile teams in accordance with the demands from the citizens across Izmit 8 bin 964 square parquet, thousand 256 meter border, 310 meter rain gutter, 230 cubic meter concrete and 185 tons of cold asphalt by using 4 bin 595 at the point where the activity was ton.



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