Akalan villagers in Izmir do not want a quarry for the motorway

The Akalan villagers of Izmir do not want a stone quarry for the motorway. The villagers reacted to the quarry to be used for the construction of the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway and to open the village of Akalan in the Kemalpaşa district. CHP Izmir deputy Mustafa Moroğlu'nun supported by the protesters engaged in a protest, da Behold, we were the master of the nation? Then we do not want a stone quarry at the bottom of our village. Öy
Akalan Village Headman Mustafa Caktug, CHP Kemalpaşa District Chairman Ulviye Producer and the village residents who participated in the speech Moroğlu said, konuşan the highway will be done next to the village stone quarry will be opened by our muhtarımız news, we also came. In a short review, we realized that the license for the quarry to be opened in this area was obtained in 2010. After all these quarries were taken from a real estate company, stone quarries were sold for sale. It is unscrupulous to hit 10 birds with one stone. None of you know. Mr. Muhtar asked us, 'Here we will open the stone quarry, how is it, is it appropriate?' Did they say? Now you live here, you breathe here. The quarry is 680 meters away from the school where your children read. What conscience fits this? Bu
Iz We are not against the construction of the highway, we are not against the construction of the railway. It makes you all of your life easier. Mas said Moroğlu, inde While facilitating our highway life, we should not allow the opening of a quarry at the bottom of our village and the destruction of our pasture and nature. We stand in front of you, we stand next to you, we will be behind you, you will be the main force of this struggle. We are calling upon the company that obtained the license for this quarry, the ministry giving the license, the Provincial Directorate of Public Works, all together. Move this quarry from the village 5 köy 6 miles away. There are plenty of non-agricultural lands in this country. What you have made the village's pasture, to be close to the highway, in order to make more profits, we should give the tender. You have no right to harm those who live in this village. The peasant is the master of the nation, but they do their best to make the peasant a slave. We must continue to live in our pastures with our animals. This quarry should not be opened here. If necessary, we will lay down in front of the construction site and submit our petitions to the provincial directorate. Now open a file in each coffee, sign, collect from the surrounding villages and from the district. Let's go to the company, this is wrong, you can not open the quarry here. Together we will continue our struggle. We're gonna do what we're gonna do.

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