ITU Ayazaga Metro Station Pedestrian Overpass Removed

ITU Ayazaga Metro Station Pedestrian Overpass Removed: Istanbul Technical University Ayazağa Metro Station is no longer in front of the pedestrian overpass. Pedestrians pass through the subway as safely as before.
The pedestrian overpass in front of ITU Ayazaga Metro Station, which is located on Buyukdere Street, was removed. Pedestrian crossings are provided by subway as well as before.
Pedestrian overpasses on the main arteries continue to be removed by the instruction of Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş. The pedestrian overpass in front of İTÜ Ayazağa Metro Station was removed from behind Sirkeci and Pertevniyal overpasses in order to provide comfortable passages for pedestrians.
The dismantling of the overpass, weighing about 100 tons, began at midnight on Saturday at 3 January 2015. The first stage of the work carried out in the form of two stages lasted until the morning. The first night the main walkway and columns were dismantled. In the second stage of the work, which started at midnight on Sunday, the remaining parts of the bridge were removed.
According to the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, there is no disruption in the crossing of pedestrians after the pedestrian overpass is removed, as the ITU Ayazaga Metro Station underpass is located in the region in question. Pedestrians easily pass through the subway underpass. The safe dismantling and removal of the bridge was carried out by the Infrastructure Services Directorate teams of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs.

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