High-speed train prisoners in jail in Italy

In Italy imprisoned high-speed train mates: 47 accused of violent protest and sentenced to up to 4,5 years.
2011 defendants were sentenced up to 47 years in prison for violent protests in 4,5 against the construction of a high-speed train line between Turin, Italy and Lyon, France.
The lawsuit regarding the violent acts caused by the opponents of the high-speed train (NO TAV) in 2011, which has been going on for more than two years in Turin, is concluded today.
According to the verdict announced by the court, 47 of the defendants who were tried for inflicting violence and causing damage to public officials were sentenced to prison terms of up to 4,5 years. 6 defendants were acquitted.
The prosecution's indictment requested various sentences of imprisonment for violent acts between 27 June-3 July 2011 in positions between Val di Susa and Chiomonte, near Turin, northwest of the country.
After the announcement of the verdict, the relatives of the defendants waiting outside the court, shouted "Shame", "This is a political process" and expressed their reactions by singing the song "Bella ciao".
Defense lawyers judged the decision disproportionately.
Alberto Perino, the leader of the NO TAV movement of high-speed train opponents, argued that the decision contained revenge rather than justice.
Evaluating the decision, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Maurizio Lupi, stated that the decision overrides common sense and the law and said, "Raiding a construction site, attacking security forces, causing injuries to 180 people, including police forces, is not a normal opposition demonstration, it is a crime." .
Protesters in the summer of 2011 protesters are opposed to the high-speed train because the previously identified uranium and asbestos sources on the route of the 57 kilometer tunnel, which will shorten the transportation time between the two cities, affect human health negatively.

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