Istanbul-Edirne high speed train tender

Istanbul-Edirne high-speed train tender is under way: This year, the Minister of Transportation Elvan stated that they foresee an investment of 9 billion liras this year. X Our investment in 2016 will be much higher. In a sense, railway investments will surpass highway investments. Bir
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, Turkey's border located further stated that want to strengthen their links with the countries infrastructure, "In this context, Istanbul high-speed train will connect with up to Agility via Edirne. In 2015, we are aiming for this tender. X
Elvan stated that the first priority has been seen as a highway investment in terms of transportation infrastructure, and that this will continue. Ğ Railway investments will be ahead of the road investments from 2016 in the coming years. This year our highway investments will be as much as 3-4 billion liras, but for the first time in 2015 we are approaching 10 billion liras investment in rail investments, and we foresee 9 billion liras investment. Our investment amount in 2016 will be much higher than that X.





    1. Edirne mostly needs an airport together with Kırklareli. This can also be integrated with Bandırma.