Interest in Ilgaz Ski Center is Increasing

Ilgaz 'What a steadily increasing interest Ilgaz Mountain, which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts, ski lovers flocked to. Ilgaz Mountain, which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts, ski lovers flocked to. Citizens, who take the opportunity of the weekend holiday, come to the ski centers with their families and enjoy the holiday.

Uludağ, Palandöken, as well as the famous ski resorts such as Kartalkaya Ilgaz Mountain with Turkey's natural beauty, the weekend is experiencing the most active period. The hotels on Ilgaz Mountain, which is especially preferred by excursionists, are completely filled. On the Ilgaz Mountain, where the snow thickness reaches 110 centimeters, holidaymakers enjoy their holiday by skiing. While the Gendarmerie teams increased their measures due to the density in the ski center, measures were taken in the region to prevent the road from being blocked to traffic.

Kastamonu in recent days after the effective snow, ski lovers Ilgaz Mountain, which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts, to the pleasure of slipping.

Ilgaz Mountain Ski Teacher who Ferzende Alptekin, noting that this is a very nice place in the nature of Ilgaz Mountain, "I went to all parts of Turkey and I know every place. Wherever you look in terms of nature, there is no other beautiful ski resort like this. We expect everyone to ski to Ilgaz Mountain. Let them come here, life is good, skiing is good, ”he said.

3 years in Turkey pointed out that all the snow has Alptekin, "including almost 3 years, not all the snows of Mount Ilgaz Turkey. But this year, goddamn very nice. It snowed. People longed for 3 years, skiers could not get their pleasure. But this year is very good, I see people are coming to Ilgaz Mountain gradually, ”he said.

Sadık Doğar, who came to Ilgaz Mountain from Çankırı to ski, said, “We came here today to make use of the weekend. There is snow thickness of up to 2 meters. We are having fun too. Very good, we welcome everyone here. We invite all ski lovers to Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center ”.

Oğuz Kostak, who came to Kastamonu from Konya and skied in Ilgaz Mountain, said: “We decided to spend our weekend in Ilgaz. Because 2 meters of snow fell on Ilgaz. We came to this facility because we thought we were going to have a nice weekend. We are having an enjoyable time. It was destined to come to Ilgaz from Konya and ski. We are having a good time and expect everyone to ski to Ilgaz ”.

Yaren Ünal, who learns his new skiing and can hardly stand, stated that skiing is difficult and said, “We come from Kastamonu to Ilgaz for skiing. We came for the weekend break, I'm just learning how to shift Skimming is very fun, but falling off is a bit troublesome ”.

Ilgaz Mountain with his family from the ski lovers, and also enjoyed the opportunity to experience the family spent the opportunity to spend time with the family. In some ski lovers who were just starting to slip, they had difficulty standing and couldn't help but fall.