Iğdır Airport hosted one thousand passengers a year

Iğdır Airport hosted one thousand passengers a year: Iğdır Airport, which entered 200 in the service, made a significant contribution to the region's air transportation. Last year, the airport used 2012 thousand passengers.
From Iğdır airport, there are flights to Istanbul every day and to Ankara 5 days a week. According to the information received from Iğdır Airport Manager Fikret Bağcı, 196 people traveled from Iğdır Airport last year. Last year, flights were canceled due to fog just one day last year at Iğdır Airport, which serves with an average of 540 personnel.
Entered Service at 2012
The construction was started at 1996 but then stopped again at 2010 for Iğdır Airport. The airport, which has an 3 thousand meter runway, was completed in July 2012. The opening ceremony was held by 13 on July 2012 by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who was the prime minister.
The 5 bin 250 meter ring road is located around the square with an 7 meter long taxiway and a total 528 aircraft capacity. The closed area size of the terminal is 3 thousand 500 square meters. There are separate lounges for the passengers arriving and arriving at the terminal, as well as a private hall for VIP purposes.
The recognition of Iğdır Airport took place in March last year with the THY advertisement. This advertising, social media, and Turkey last year was one of the films that most sound in the world as well.

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