Cable car service due to storm

Roped-Hotels Zone ropeway due to the storm can not be made: The winter thickness of winter tourism in one of the major centers of 2 15 meters reached XNUMX. Due to the storm, the cable car cannot be made between Sarılan and the hotels. The cable car works between Bursa and Sarıalan.
Snowfall in Uludağ, which is one of the important centers of winter tourism, suddenly exceeded the 2 meter. While non-chain vehicles stay on the road with excessive snowfall, vehicles without chain are not allowed to go to Uludağ. Due to the storm that increases its intensity along with snowfall, ropeway flights can be made to the area of ​​Sarıalan. The snow thickness is expected to increase further in Uludağ with heavy snow.
In Uludağ, the air temperature was minus 8 during the day and minus 13 during the day.



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