We are the 8 country of the world in high-speed train operations (Video)

the world's 8th-speed train operation in the country of: Transport Minister Elven, 'Today is the 8th country in the world in high-speed train operations in Turkey and will continue to evolve rapidly. In the upcoming period, we will put a great emphasis on railway investments.
Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, attended the meeting organized by Union Foundation in Ankara. Speaking at the meeting, Elvan gave important information about the studies on transportation. Elvan underlined that 2003 weight meter tunnel was made by 50 until 12., In the last 13-200 year, we made tunnel on 128 weight meter. The length of the tunnels that will be opened this year is 2015 weight meter. Only in 3 will we open; These are the ongoing works that have been going on for a few years, but even if you get 80 as the year, the 2 and 2015 half times of the 5 year, we will inaugurate in 10. When we go forward, the demands of people change a lot. A few days ago, we had a meeting with our friends. A small district connection in the meeting wants to be tuned to the tunnel. Maybe XNUMX-XNUMX is living there in a thousand people. People's wishes and desires have changed. He does not ask for a divided road, he says, 'There is a bend in my district, there is a mountain; high He also slanted. 'We need to pass through the tunnel here,' 'he said.
In the past, he noted that high-speed trains in Europe described ballandırılarak Elven, said that now the world's fastest train in operation in the country xnumx'inc in Turkey. Elvan gave information about the investments in railways, said:
“We always dreamed about this; I went abroad with the scholarship of the state after university. We, when we get to it fast train, 'I wonder when the next Türkiyemiz' he speaks or our Turkish brothers were living in Germany, they told us enthuse he trains. Do you remember? It was all a dream. Today, Turkey is the world's 8th country will continue to develop rapidly, and the faster train operation. In the upcoming period, we will put a great emphasis on railway investments. I'm just saying for this year; The amount we will spend for 2015 is 7 and a half billion Lira; for railway infrastructure. In other words, 7 and a half quadrillion Liras with the old money. Hopefully we will overtake perhaps highways investments since 2016 and we'll give more weight to rail investment, we will transfer more funds and Turkey on all sides, from West to East, we will equip the North to the South high-speed railway line. The line, which extends from Ankara to Kars, is currently under construction between Ankara and Sivas. We will reach to Kars. On the other hand, we will connect Istanbul to Kapıkule by high speed train. We will have a high speed train and a high speed train line from Edirne to Kars. This is extremely important. It is especially important for the revitalization of the historical Silk Road, as you know, within this framework, we launched the Kars, Tbilisi, Baku Railway Project. Hopefully, this project will be completed by the end of 2015 and we are also considering a maritime business from Baku via the Caspian. We will have created a line extending from the Caspian to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and China. Related to this, there are studies in Kazakhstan, especially on railway infrastructure in China. There are efforts to shorten the line even more. "



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