Truckers under HGS-OGS fine kazanoutside

Truckers under HGS-OGS fine kazandı: The AKP government had to take a step back after the rainy reactions to the HGS-OGS fines, which made the truckers stand up.
Başiskele 4 TIR and Truck Motor Carriers Cooperative Chairman İsmail Özkar's fight against HGS-OGS fines resulted, the truckers said. 10 to the truckers thousands of pounds of the system that caused the fall of the penalty button was pressed for legal regulation. Among them, AKP deputies of the ruling power, including İlyas Şeker, gave a bid to Parliament to amend the law.
Astronomical HGS-OGS penalties brought to the agenda with the efforts of the co-operative chairman İsmail Özkar, harassed all drivers, especially truck drivers. Hence, the CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar, rain-like HGS fines brought to the agenda of the Parliament. Akar, Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan asked to respond to the question asked.
AKP Entered into the Order
HGS and OGS penalties on the growth of reactions from drivers as an avalanche, the pre-election trouble to the AKP government, the button pressed for the change of law. 6001, which is the signature of the number of deputies, including AKP Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker, was submitted to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TGNA) in January.
MPs in the proposal to change; In case of faulty transition, the current punishment method which is ten times the longest distance should be determined according to the tolls that the vehicle enters. If the change is enacted in this way, tens of thousands of pounds will be considerably reduced in the penalties of drivers. The drivers will get rid of the astronomical HGS penalties.
The head of the cooperative, Özkar, who fights against HGS, said: Penalties will fall automatically. They're gonna try to cover up their own fault. They find the middle way. It's dangerous to annoy the citizen before the election. What will the AKP MPs say when they stand in front of the drivers? Now they have a word to say. Bir

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