Hazarbaba Ski Resort

Hazarbaba Ski Center: Located in the distance of 30 to Elazığ, hotel and restaurant services are among the indispensables of summer tourism. Mavi Göl Hotel has started its winter tourism service by taking the management of Hazar Baba Ski Center in the new period.

The Hazarbaba Ski Center, built on the 2.347-meter-high Hazarbaba mountain in the south of our district, serves with its ski slope, chair lift and cafeteria facilities. The 1100 m chairlift and mechanical facilities comply with the standards.

In Hazar Lake, which gives life to the tourism of the district, water sports shows are held every year. Hazarbaba Ski Center, which stands in a haughty manner and stands at the height of the 1850 m with its magnificent view, is presented to the public as it gives a great greeting to Hazar Lake, which has a great contribution to the tourism of the district.

Hazarbaba Ski Center offers convenient access to the airport with its 22 km and 5 km to the railway. 6 km from our district, Hazarbaba mountain can be reached by road after the climb. 6 km road is stabilized and snow clearing is carried out for 24 hours for better transportation.