Havaray Tuzla Up to Viport Marin

Havaray Tuzla will come to Viport Marin: The first of the Havaray projects to be launched in order to ease transportation in Istanbul starts from Tuzla.
The project, which will be tendered in February, will be connected to Tuzla Marina, which will be one of the attraction centers of Istanbul. Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıcı spoke as “The first start of Havaray project in Istanbul from Tuzla, satellite to our slogan“ Istanbul starts from Tuzla ”.
The construction of the Havaray project, which is planned to be realized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in certain points of the city, starts from Tuzla. 2 Construction will start in February after the survey works of the approximately 5 kilometer Havaray project.
Project will create a connection to the 3'ÜNC TURKEY MARINA
The Havaray project will come to Tuzla Viport Marin which is one of the most important projects of Istanbul and continues to be built. 520 thousand square meters built in the area of ​​approximately 350 million dollars planned to cost marina, entertainment centers, 5 star hotel, AVM to playgrounds will be many facilities. Tuzla Marina will be opened in May in 2015. Turkey in terms of capacity, the largest yacht marina in xnumx'ünc 3 thousand people will be employed in Tuzla Marina.
Mayor of Tuzla who gave information about the project to be auctioned in February. Şadi Yazıcı, proj Havaray project is one of the projects that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has put forward in the 7-8 location. However, especially in Tuzla, the project is a project to be realized in Tuzla with the discretion of the Mayor of the Municipality for the realization of the project in Tuzla due to the fact that we will get many tourists due to the fact that we have a marina project in terms of the ease of transportation of passengers especially in the north and south lines of the district. Havaray project in Istanbul, the first Tuzla'dan start, 'Istanbul Tuzla'dan Başlar' slogan, '' he said.
Noting that the main transportation points are passing from Tuzla, Mayor Yazıcı said, “When we think that both the E5 route's TEM route and the 3rd bridge route pass through Tuzla, Marmaray project has 3 stations passing through Tuzla in 2018-2019 projects. While the future of Istanbul now provides our connection in Istanbul on the east and west lines, somehow our citizens had to be combined with these axes in the north-south line, especially in the region where we will attract many tourists. Havaray project is one of the important projects of our Metropolitan Municipality in Tuzla. This is a pride for us. I hope we will see the breakthroughs to be realized with the tender to be held in the coming days. ”
Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıcı, who continues to make information about the construction phase of Tuzla Viaport Marin, which is still under construction in Tuzla and shown as one of the most important projects of Istanbul, said, “There is a serious population under the route of Istanbul with the center. Therefore, firstly, we have this population with transportation axes, by air, and secondly, we have a marina project, in the marina project, where we expect 20-35 million tourists annually, there will be a real serious flow to the coast of Tuzla, as well as land roads, car parks, and also Marmaray, E5 and We aim at something important, such as hosting a serious visitor of 20-25 million annually without bringing a lot of traffic to our Salt, a marina project in connection with the Metro. The marina will open in May. ”
Şadi Yazıcı, den One of the vision projects we started in Marina 2010 is one of the vision projects for Istanbul. I believe it is important for our country. Because it is an ambitious project that can be said to be in the complex world in terms of its example. Tuzla did not have a center. Without a center, a shopping center, an entertainment center, as well as accommodation facilities and a serious complex with the 830 boat is being created. 200 is a complex where the fishing shelter will be found. Çı
Transferring to the presence of many social areas within the project, the President said, ı The centers will have a serious shopping opportunity within this complex. For the first time on the sea such a facility is being established. An important center is formed together with the 20 group. In addition, the 200 5 bed with a hotel and a marina with the stars was an important place. An aquarium project was developed. The wildest animals in the world and animals living in the tropical oceans will be shown in the aquarium. Dün
Speaking assertively about the Marina project, Yazıcı said, “The firm that received the tender was also very ambitious because the tender was huge. We believe that Istanbul is a serious project that we will attract tourists from outside, which will affect 10 percent tourism. Somebody will definitely want to see this place. Everyone in Istanbul will want to see it. Tuzla marina will be an important project that everyone will come to breathe. We say it will be one of the places to be seen in Istanbul. ”




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