Havaray will benefit this area!

Havaray will serve this area! 8 separate 'Havaray' project that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality plans to implement has created excitement in the real estate sector. KUYAŞ Chairman of the Board of Directors Sait Erdal Metiner said, “Public transportation projects add value to the value of the districts. Media Express has long been known as Istanbul's new trade base. In the last 5 region, prices have increased by 2 times. Sefaköy - Kuyumcukent - Airport route 7,2 kilometers long Havaray line will add value to the region's value, will multiply the prices.
The 'Havaray' routes, where the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was planned to be implemented, were recently determined. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which has 8 Havaray project in total, continues its studies on the subject. There is a mobility in the districts that are planned to be located in the Havaray axis. Representatives of the real estate sector, the 7,2 kilometer length Sefaköy - Kuyumcukent - Airport Havaray line, Istanbul's new trade center, said the press express will add value to the road.
Reason for public transportation
KUYAŞ, which has implemented Kuyumcukent, Wedding World AVM and Istanbul Vizyon Park projects on the Basın Ekspres Road, declared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as the new finance, trade and tourism region of the city, and the 7,2 kilometer long Sefaköy - Kuyumcukent - Airport Havaray line is worth the region. He thinks he will add. According to Sait Erdal Metiner, Chairman of the Board of KUYAŞ, Havaray will double the square meter prices in the region. Stating that public transportation projects are preferred in real estate purchases, Metiner said, “People prefer public transportation routes when purchasing houses or offices. Basın Ekspres Yolu was already known as the new trade center due to its proximity to Atatürk Airport and its central location. We are very close to metrobus and metro lines. However, with Havaray, it will be easier to reach the main metro lines ”.
Where will Havaray be held?
Istanbul Havaray routes will be as follows; 1. Beyoglu-Sisli (5,8 kilometers) 2. Zincirlikuyu-Beşiktaş-Sarıyer (4,5 kilometers) 3. Levent-Gültepe-Çeliktepe-Levent (5,5 kilometers) 4. Atasehir-Umraniye (10,5 kilometers) 5. Sefaköy-Kuyumcukent -Airport (7,2 kilometers) 6. Maltepe-Başıbüyük (3,6 kilometers) 7. Eagle Coast-D 100-Tuzla (5 kilometers) 8. Sabiha Gokcen Airport-Formula (7,7 kilometers) is located.
The most popular office district is now Press Express
Istanbul's Levent Press recently the popular office districts such as Maslak Express Way of the text that transfers also added, "Last years in business life developments and foreign investors in the number of office projects for reasons such as positioning them as the base region of Turkey is experiencing a significant increase. Basın Ekspres Yolu is of critical importance in this respect, with its proximity to Atatürk Airport, the organized industrial zone, fair and congress center CNR EXPO. "Havaray will double the square meter prices in the region."
New project to be unveiled
KUYAŞ, which will implement the Borsa Tower project in the first half of 2015, will continue to produce prestigious complexes for the business world. Sait Erdal Metiner said, “We are a company which is based on bringing the shareholders and investors to the company. We act on a win-win principle. We believe that this region is also a qualified real estate address that brings both buyers and sellers. With the establishment of Borsa İstanbul Precious Metals and Gold Exchange Custody Center, which will be realized in addition to institutions such as the Central Bank of Turkey, Central Bank and Takasbank Custody Center, which will host our projects, the region will strengthen its identity as a financial center. Therefore, KUYAŞ will continue to sign the prestigious projects of the Prestige Road ”.


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