Hakkari mountains met snowboard

📩 24/11/2018 14:07

Hakkari mountains met with snowboards: Young people from Hakkari are snowboarding in Merga Butan Plateau at an altitude of 2800.

Hakkari, which was under the snow cover in the middle of the year and realized a tourism move with its mountains and plateaus at thousands of meters height, opened its doors to winter sports in a tranquil environment that started with a solution process.


The snowboard that Hakkarili young people have learned by their own means was started to be made in Hakkari mountains for the first time this year.

The young people who go to the ski center in Merga Butan Plateau at 12 altitude, 2800 kilometers away from the city center, enjoy snowboarding here.

Young people floating in the mountains with snowboard, experiencing action-packed moments. Young snowboarders who are stone-rockers, young people participating in competitions in this branch wants to get the first place.


Mehmet Koç, stating that he had learned to do snowboarding on his own, said that he was trying to teach his friends to learn this sport.

Explaining that no one is teaching snowboarding, Koç said, “We are experiencing action-packed moments by sliding from the high parts of the mountains. We try to do something with our own means. Playing this sport is a bit difficult but fun. We have friends who want to learn. I help them too. The number of people who want to learn this sport is increasing day by day. ”
Hakan Şener also stated that they usually see snowboards in the Olympics and said, “We are currently getting snowboard training without our own support. Our wish is not limited to only 5 people, let 100 people snowboard. Let all the people come here, get to know Hakkari and see how talented young people from Hakkari are. ”