Habib-i Neccar Mountain ropeway project will be crowned with museum

Habib-i Neccar Mountain cable car project will be crowned with the museum: The construction of the Habib-i Neccar Mountain will be crowned with the museum: It will extend from the Long Bazaar to the walls built by Seleukos, the Commander of Alexander the Great, whose construction was started in the past years in Hatay but stopped due to the discovery of historical remains from the Roman period in the area where the station will be established. It was stated that the 100-meter-long cable car line will further increase the interest in the city with the museum to be established in case of approval.
In Hatay, where history gushes from every inch of land due to hosting many civilizations, historical ruins from the Roman period were found during the cable car construction works started in 2012.
The Mayor of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, Lütfü Savaş, told Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent that Seleukos, the commander of Alexander the Great, from the İplik Pazarı location near the historical Uzun Çarşı. He stated that they wanted to complete the cable car project that will extend to the summit of Habib-i Neccar Mountain, where the last parts of the 300-meter-long walls built in 23 years are located.
Stating that Hatay is a very special and beautiful place, Savaş stated that they are working to bring more tourists here and to exhibit the existing beauties in the best way possible.
Reminding that the bird's eye view of the city's natural and historical beauties has started in 2012, the cable car project started by Savaş.
“The work was delayed when historical remains were unearthed during excavations in the area where the station to be located in İplik Pazarı location will be established. Our cable car project, which will be 100 meters long, is currently on hold. Because, we stopped the works due to the remains in the area where the station will be built, which was revealed during the excavations and where a very special mosaic is located. Actually, the project should have finished 2 years ago. The historical ruins found here crowned the cable car project even more. We are now waiting for the approval of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board to make a museum here. If our project is approved, we will perform the tender. This year we want to finish the ropeway work. With the museum, the cable car became even more important. People who will go to Habib-i Neccar Mountain by cable car will first visit our museum and then go up. " he spoke.
Underlining that they also prepared some surprises on Habib-i Neccar Mountain, Savaş stated that there will be exhibition halls here, people will have a good time and have a good time here after seeing the city from a bird's eye view.


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