The mourning of the people of the flourishing community finally ends

The mud torment of the people of Bayındır is finally coming to an end: In the morning, Muratpaşa Municipality heard about the revolt of the people of the neighborhood, which was brought to the agenda in the news of the Mediterranean titled 'The people of Bayındır got sick. Science Department teams started work in Bayındır District. All the asphalts in the neighborhood are scraped and renewed with a milling machine. After the Science Department teams complete the asphalt and pavement work, the Park and Gardens Directorate teams will plant citrus trees.
Bayındır Neighborhood will gain a new look by paving all streets with asphalt and planting citrus trees. Science Director Arif Kuş stated that the natural gas company has completed its work in Bayındır Neighborhood and said, “We are rebuilding the streets in every neighborhood where the natural gas company is located. We will re-coat the asphalt by scraping it. We remove all the pavements and make asphalt pavement. As in Meltem Neighborhood, we will renew the neighborhood from top to bottom. We are continuing our work with a team of approximately 100 people, ”he said.




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