Chamber of Geological Engineers: Court of Accounts report has justified our concerns

Chamber of Geological Engineers: The Court of Accounts report has justified our concerns. The Chamber of Geological Engineers stated that the Court's report once again justified their concerns and determinations. Room, fast train and 3. He drew attention to the fact that the necessary studies were not carried out in projects such as the airport and the public resources were wasted unnecessarily.
Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Geological Engineers, written statement on the subject as follows:
Iş TCDD operation of geological-geotechnical studies in the selection of high-speed trains in the desired quality and timeliness, due to the lack of such studies due to changes in routes, improvement of land due to reasons such as improvement, some projects have been made to pay as much as the cost of costs, although many issues such as the Court of AccountsIt is seen that it is reflected in the 2013 year report. Our room, 17 August 1999 Marmara Earthquake 15. In the statement made to the press and the public on the anniversary of the TCDD by drawing attention to the high-speed train projects' high costs paid by the construction of important engineering structures such as tunnels, dams, high-speed trains and highways earthquake / disaster safety is not adequately examined by the relevant institutions, geological-geotechnical research is not done or lack of qualification, negativity as a result of not being evaluated and supervised by the related professional disciplines, especially by geology engineers, continues to cause significant increases in investment costs. The most typical example of this issue is the 'geological problems' experienced on the high speed train route.The decision of the Council of Ministers, which allows for the increase in the number of jobs up to 29 March 2011 date and the Official Gazette No. 27889was also published. The fact that there is not enough geological-geotechnical research for this investment in the most active fault region such as NAF or the desire to immediately serve with the expectations of political rent has created a serious additional cost and has caused a significant amount of public damage. in the form of determinations had been found. 'EXPERIMENTAL SOLUTION METHODS WILL OPEN TO PROVIDE ESSENTIAL EARNINGS' SAIThe 2013 TCDD report also confirms how accurate these determinations are in our chamber. It is seen that; In recent years, the geology-geotechnical researches which should be done within the scope of the location selection and route studies of the prestigious (?) projects of the country or not being made in the desired quality and quality, not being able to do so causes a considerable amount of public resources to be spent. At the same time, some of the undertakings undertaking the undertaking work of important projects lead the geological-geotechnical conditions of site selection areas or transit routes and lead them to gain inaccurate profit by introducing expensive solution suggestions and methods.
Istanbul 3. In the project prepared by our Chamber, which is similar to the situation in the airport project, the geological-geotechnical and structural features of the region, all scientific and technical researches and works that have been carried out have been started. It was stated that the location of the airport indicates the wrong choice, and that the risks mentioned and the work to be done against these risks would cause additional economic cost to the public, but not the solution to the problems, and the spending of the billions of dollars on making the airport into a swampy area does not contain any public interest. Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, on the other hand, had to admit that our Chamber was correct in its determination to make politics, and to accuse geology engineering of not knowing the scientific and technical developments.
Istanbul 3 with high-speed train projects, some highway routes, tunnels and bridges in our country today. Airport projects; The Court of Accounts has determined that the projects where the route and location are selected without sufficient and qualified geological-geotechnical surveys are faced with significant geological problems due to the fact that the projects are not based on real scientific technical data and that serious cost increases have been made in order to overcome them.Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Elvan accused TCDD report of similar criticism in our Chamber.a has been in a response.
As the Chamber of Geological Engineers of TMMOB, we once again say; People of our country, Istanbul 3. The same fate does not deserve in the construction of the airport. This project should be immediately abandoned if billions of dollars are not intended to bury public resources in a marsh area. Municipalities, TCDD, General Directorate of Highways, geological-geotechnical administrative units should be established within the body of the investor organizations, and the existing staff and the quality of the personnel and strengthening of the infrastructure and superstructure surveys, planning, construction, monitoring, control and inspection services should be executed and geological-geotechnical reasons foreseeable resources and unnecessary wastage of the resources of the country should be stopped. hizmet

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