Future skiers catch up on the bitlist

📩 24/11/2018 14:08

Skiers of the future grow up in Bitlis: Children aged 5 to 15 at the Ski Basic Training Camp work on the world-class ski slope to enter the national team.

In the Ski Basic Training Camp, opened by the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate, children between the ages of 5 and 15 are working to enter the national team on the world-class ski track.

Children participating in the Ski Basic Training Camp opened by the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate receive ski training.

In Bitlis, which is identified with skiing, 5 children aged between 15 and 265, who receive training under the supervision of trainers in Erhan Onur Güler and El-Aman Hanı ski centers, are preparing for the competitions to be held during the year, and on the other hand, they make an effort to join the national team.

Youth Services Sports Provincial Directorate of Skiing Camping Education Center Manager Refik Avsar, told reporters, traditionally every year during the half-year of the opening of a basic training ski camp camp, he said.

Avsar stated that they had been opening this year's camp and they were giving training to the 3 athletes in the 265 branch.

“In the camp we opened this year, we are training 3 athletes in 265 branches: Alpine skiing, ski running and snowboarding. 165 of these athletes are introduced to skiing for the first time. Others consist of our athletes who participated in federation stage competitions in previous years. We provide snowboard and Alpine discipline training at the Erhan Onur Güler Ski Facility, and ski jogging training at the facility in El Aman Hanı. We give the students, who receive training for 12 hours every day under the supervision of 3 trainers, along with their ski sets, and send them to their homes. I hope that after the training, these children will participate in the federation races next year and achieve great success. "

Ski Coach Mesut Huyut showed that the children showed great interest in education, families are more excited than children said.

Explaining that the cam era, which started with basic training, was later included in the racer group and talented athletes participated in the competitions, Huyut said, “When our athletes are successful, they can rise to the national team. Looking back, I am one of these examples. I represented our city and country in the World Championship and the Olympics. "It is a great advantage for children to be trained on a world-class track."