The First Step to Take the Long Bridge to the Unesco List

The First Step was Taken for the Long Bridge to be Included in the Unesco List: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will send the application file, prepared by the recommendation of Edirne Governor Şahin, to UNESCO if deemed appropriate - In the application, the bridge's geopolitical engineering, design, technical engineering, architecture and artistic aspects It was emphasized that 'is an "architectural wonder".
With the initiatives of Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Şahin, II. The work on taking the Long Bridge, which was built in the time of Murat and known as the "world's longest stone bridge", into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List continues.
A team was formed under the leadership of Edirne Culture and Tourism Director Ahmet Hacıoğlu. The team completed the application file which listed the characteristics of why the bridge should be taken to the list and sent it to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
The Ministry will examine the file and submit it to UNESCO if it deems appropriate. In line with the reports of the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), it will be decided whether the Long Bridge will be included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage tentative list.
- "Cultural and geopolitical connection point"
According to the information received by the AA correspondent, the application file included the remarkable features of the Long Bridge.
In the file, the monumental water structure, the selection of the material used, the placement of the feet, the arch openings, the height of the slope of the engineering knowledge thanks to the calculation, despite the length, under difficult conditions in the 6 as remained standing for a while.
In the application, where the decorations on the Long Bridge are the elegance and diversity of the Long Bridge, which is worthy of being a cultural and geopolitical connection point, rather than a plain bridge, the bridge is considered to be the Middle Ages in terms of geopolitical engineering, design, technical engineering, architecture and art. It was emphasized that “architectural wonder”.
The file also noted that the importance of the location of the bridge was a significant transition point.
In the records, it was also stated that the number of eyes decreased from 3 to 1820 with the repairs made in parts of the Long Bridge, which had 1903 major repairs throughout its history, which were worn out due to the flood in 1960, 174 and 173.
Edirne Governor Dursun Ali Şahin said that work has been initiated for the Long Bridge to be included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
Stating that they are also preparing for the illumination of the bridge, Şahin noted that it would make them happy to include the Long Bridge on the list after the Selimiye Mosque.
- History of the bridge
The Long Bridge is the only stone bridge in Edirne on the Ergene River that connects Anatolia and the Balkans and is the longest stone bridge in the world.
The bridge, which was named after the district and formerly known as the "Ergene Bridge", was built in 1426-1443 by II. It was built by Murat, the chief architect of the period, Müslihiddin. The bridge is 1392 meters long and 6,80 meters wide.
The bridge built by the Ottomans to overcome the Ergene River, which was a natural obstacle in the conquests of the Balkans, enabled the Turkish army to continue its raids in the winter.

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