Enjoying Uludağ in sunny weather

Uludağ enjoyment in sunny weather: When Uludağ had a sunny weather at the end of the week, thousands of citizens flocked to the summit. The shortage of the car park once again emerged with intense interest. Traffic at the peak of the left-handed cars almost stopped traffic.

The snow thickness of the 2,6 meters reached the Uludag, who know the opportunity to the sunny weather flocked. Uludag'da talked for years, although the problem could not be solved once again appeared in a shortage of parking. The air temperature in Uludağ was around 2. Bursa Meteorological Directorate officials, the next 5 snowfall is not expected in the day, the air temperature is expected to be at the 5-6 degree level announced. Due to the sunny weather, thousands of citizens flocked to the summit. Hotels in the area came to a complete stop of traffic. Gendarmerie officers made great efforts to help the drivers in the rushing traffic. The car parked in the Uludağ hotels district where the left-handed cars were parked also reacted. A couple from Manisa said, “We climbed to Bursa in two and a half hours. There should be a solution to this problem. Bu Vehicle drivers also need to revise the road in Uludag, where a long vehicle queue occurs. The opportunity to be good weather, and the way the locals had to wait in the queue of the Uludag bus was waiting. On the other hand, it was learned that Münir Karaloğlu, the governor of Bursa, who came to the summit for the Traditional Sled Competition, used the ropeway in transportation.

Mobile toilet 3 lira

Uludag Turkey's most important winter tourism centers, established in the second of portable toilets were surprised by the fees. Next to the new cable car station, the mobile toilet in the van 3 liradan service from the mobile toilet pulled the reaction. Especially in the hotel area of ​​the ropeway, which is used extensively by Arab tourists and excursionists, the toilet problem was solved with a van. The portable toilet, which is brought to Antalya from 2,5, serves the citizens. But because of the price draws reaction. Officials of the mobile toilets, 2,5 said they came to the month of Uludag, "The price is normal in our opinion, there is also good to meet, there is a bad meet," he said, citizens said the price is exorbitant. Citizens stating that mobile toilet is not worthy of Uludag, 3 said that the cost of the pound is very expensive.