Is Enez-Keşan the other spring?

Is Enez-Keşan the other spring? : 5 Kilometers were not included in the program. When the officials of the Highways made a statement at the Provincial Coordination Board meeting, they later became the door wall.
Keşan-Enez Highway was a complete enigma. At the opening of İpsala and Meriç State Hospitals, the Minister of Health Mehmet Müezzinoğlu announced that the road will be completed in 2015, while the Provincial Coordination Board meeting held last week was held at 1. Regional Director of Yener Birliker Kesan-Enez highway 5. He stated that the kilometer section was made out of the program and the rest of the road was not included in the 2015 year program.
At the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting attended by the Minister of Health Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Yener Birliker, the 1st Regional Deputy Director of Highways, said, “5 km of the Keşan-Enez Highway was out of the program. Now the project will be made for 2 × 1 and this road is not in the 2015 program. ” He said that the road had fallen to another spring.
In the meantime, Minister of Health Mehmet Müezzinoğlu announced that the opening of Ipsala and Meric State Hospitals will end in 2015 of Keşan-Enez Highway.
Kesan-Enez Highways 1. The officials of the Regional Directorate were the door wall. Yener Birliker, Deputy Regional Director while avoiding giving information. Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu is expected to give a detailed explanation about the current situation.
Enez Mayor Abdullah Bostancı, whom we talked about the construction of the road not to participate in the program, said that the places where there were no transportation were becoming blind. President Bostanci, proj Enez Marina and other projects are available. But how to go to these places without transportation. First of all, the road has to be done. Only Enez will benefit from the road. Erikli, Yayla will take advantage of such roads in places. It is necessary to make the road to be Enez's mirror. En



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