The Highest Snow Thickness Was Measured in Kartepe

Highest Snow thickness was measured in Kartepe: highest snow depth was measured at between ski resorts in Turkey Kartepe Ski Center 272 centimeters.

As a result of heavy snowfall that has been effective in Kocaeli for 2 days, the snow thickness of Kartepe, one of the important ski resorts of the country, has reached 272 centimeters.

Since the first hours of the year, the country has been effective throughout the last 2 snowfall, the most effective snowfall, the most used for ski resorts.

Finally, according to the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology, which was updated at 11.45 today, the highest snow thickness was measured at Kartepe Ski Center with 272 centimeters as a result of precipitation.

In Kartepe, where the temperature is measured 13 degrees below zero during the day and 16 degrees below zero at night, snowfall is expected to continue at intervals tomorrow.

Uludag 260 is the second with centimeter, with Kartalkaya 222 centimeters, Bitlis with 150 centimeters, Ilgaz with 113 centimeters, and Erciyes with 105 centimeters.

The first 10 ski center, where snow thickness is highest measured, is as follows:

Center Snowflake (cm) Kartepe 272 Uludag 260 Kartalkaya 222 Xylum 150 Xylum 113 105 90 Xylum 75 Xylum 60 Inebolu Dikmetepe 45
- Kocaeli