Elmadag Ski Center Filled

Elmadağ Ski Center is Fully Overflowing: Elmadağ Ski Center, which is 22 kilometers from Ankara, has overflowed with the capitalists who have been longing for land that has not been raining for 3 years.

Elmadağ Ski Center, 22 kilometers from Ankara, was full of capitals longing for land that did not rain for 3 years.

Thousands of Ankara residents, longing for land in the regions reserved for skiers and tobogganers this year, flocked to the ski center Elmadağ on the weekend. Some of the stressed citizens in Elmadağ skied on the snow and enjoyed the snow, while others enjoyed a barbecue on the snow. Professional skiers stated that 40 centimeters of snow thickness falling in the region is sufficient for skiing.

It was stated that Elmadağ ski center was divided into two regions this year for sledgers and skiers to slide comfortably and prevent possible accidents. However, it has been suggested that it is a major deficiency that this process is not performed in Elmadağ, although there is a snow crushing machine in every ski center. It was stated that if the snow crushing process is performed, the falling snow will remain in the center for a long time.