Elmadağ Ski Center Was Into a New Year's Eve

Elmadağ Ski Center Was Flocked During New Year's Holiday: Elmadağ Ski Center was flooded by Ankara residents who took advantage of the 4-day New Year holiday.

While the expected snow did not fall in the center of the capital Ankara, the residents of the capital, taking advantage of the 4-day New Year holiday, flocked to Elmadağ Ski Center. While the citizens had difficulty finding a place to park their cars, a large number of people were able to reach the area where the facilities are located after a long walk. The people of Ankara, who came to the ski center with their families, reached the top of the mountain by renting skis. Some people enjoyed the snow by playing snowballs. Puppies playing on snow became the center of attention of citizens.

Families wishing to spend the New Year holidays with their children joined the fun by skiing and playing snowballs together. A woman who brought her children to see the wife said, “The snow did not come to us, we came to her. We are waiting, but there is no future. It is not a place we prefer very much in summer, but we try to come during the snowy periods. The profit is not at the desired level. Even this much satisfied us, ”he said.

A father who brought his son stated that his child met with snow for the first time and said, “We came to Elmadağ for a few days to see snow for our children, but it is not at a sufficient level. There is snow all over the capital Ankara, but Turkey 'does not exist. Road closures are coming everywhere. It is not enough in Elmadağ, but our children have fun for a few hours here. They meet the snow. My son sees snow for the first time. It was interesting for him too, ”he explained.

A mother who explained that they thought there would be no snow in Elmadağ said, “The children could not enjoy the snow, we said they should live here. He hesitated to see if there was snow. We have so much fun here ”.

The little girl who enjoyed the snow to the full said, “Skating in the snow was so much fun for me. I couldn't get my balance when I first slipped. Then I got used to it, but I fell again, ”he said.

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Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:58

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