There is no way for Edirne State Hospital

There is still no way to go to Edirne State Hospital: Hospital with 400 bed counting the day for the opening, there is no way to go to the hospital. The closure of Helvacı Creek is on the agenda, officials say that the road can not be made in such a short time.
Edirne State Hospital with 400 bed counting days for the opening, the way to go to the hospital after the opening has still not been determined. The road leading to the hospital is just a field and the bridge that provides the transition is stated to be the Tractor Bridge, the authorities bypassed the river, said the tender was made to open a separate channel.
There is no way to go to Edirne State Hospital with 400 Bed which is planned to be opened at the end of April. Authorities of Edirne Municipality, whom we talked about the issue, stated that the existing creek seems to be a reconstruction road and said, esi This creek needs to be covered. More precisely, the stream will be filled and a new channel will be opened by DSI. There will also be a bridge over this channel. According to my municipal development plans, this area will be used as a road with the closure of the creek and a link will be made to this exit. So vehicles will be out of town. We are currently DSI 11. We are waiting for the Regional Directorate. Bölge
On the other hand, in the case of Helvacı Creek, which is stated to have been awarded the tender, DSİ 11. It is stated that the Regional Directorate expects the necessary grant. Authorities stated that the bridge would be built by the end of April and they did not give clear information about the closure of the stream.



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