World's Longest Railway Launched

World's Longest Railway Launched
World's Longest Railway Launched

The longest railway in the world became operational when a freight train departing from China arrived in Madrid, the capital of Spain, last month. Called the Silk Road of the 21st Century, the railway was built by China who wanted to revive the old trade routes between East Asia and Europe.

Last November, a train of consumer goods arrived in Madrid three weeks after leaving China's seaside city of Yiwu. The 13 thousand-kilometer train cuts transport time by half. The train is expected to return before the Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated in February after buying wine and vegetables from Spain.
"21. According to the author of the book Jonathan Fenby, China is determined to revive the old trade routes: “The trade routes are developing and will continue to develop. There is now a railway line that departs from Chongqing in southwest China and ends in Germany through Russia. Ler Trains carrying all kinds of consumer goods, from automobile spare parts to computers, travel between Germany and China five times a week.

China is investing heavily in European trade routes. Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang last month joined the opening of the 167 million-dollar Chinese-made bridge over the Danube in Serbia. Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is satisfied with the investment: ust This bridge, which first demonstrated the mastery of Chinese engineers in Europe, was an immortal monument of friendship between China and Serbia. We are going to sign many other projects with our Chinese friends. New bridges and roads will be built in the future. Gelecek

The projects include the 1 billion 900 high-speed railroad, which runs from Belgrade to Budapest. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasizes the importance of large investments in global relations: X As of the end of 2014, we have established more strategic relations with major countries and regions in the world than 70. We are now building trade partnerships instead of alliances. Artık

China's trend of reviving the old trade routes, which sets out the Silk Road Dream group continues to tour South Asia. China, 40 billion dollars to renew the infrastructure of trade routes have been overlooked. Foreign investment aims to strengthen Beijing's position on the world stage. However, one reason for foreign investment, according to Jonathan Fenby, is the slowdown in China's growth: yapı In China, there are many structural weaknesses from financial to environmental, and the Beijing government does not seem to accept the slowdown in growth. However, the awareness of the need to solve these big problems in China is becoming widespread. Ancak

Europe, where economic recession continues, welcomes Chinese investments. Experts say Europeans currently ignore China's concerns about its bad record in human rights and democracy.

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