Davrazda Semester Abundance

Semester Abundance in Davrazda: Isparta's Davraz Ski Center is experiencing the most active days of the season. Isparta's Davraz Ski Center is experiencing the most active days of the season. The center, where the snow thickness exceeds 2 meters at the summit and 1 meter in the facilities area, has entered the semester break fully. The occupancy rate of 2 hotels in the region exceeded 90 percent.

Karlıyayla Winter Sports Tourism Center, located on Davraz Mountain at an altitude of 2635, started to host ski lovers early this year. Europe not only from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Middle East countries of the busiest Davraz Ski, avalanche danger and without loss, both Alba is regarded as one of the few centers that can do cross-country skiing. The occupancy rate of Sirene Davraz Hotel with a capacity of 122 rooms and 280 beds and Isparta Davraz Hotel with a capacity of 17 rooms and 55 beds in Davraz Ski Center exceeded 90 percent.


Stating that Davraz can meet every need of ski lovers with all these features, Isparta Ski Provincial Representative Cengiz Kazaz stated that compared to previous years, the snow that fell earlier filled all the tracks. Emphasizing that the intensity has increased due to the semester break, Cengiz Kazaz said:

“We host ski lovers here almost every day. This number has doubled with the holiday. We do not have any problems, but these facilities will not be enough for us in the coming years. Because there is a high demand here especially from neighboring provinces such as Afyon, Burdur and Antalya. Everything is very good, I hope we can get through this season sweetly without anything to anyone. "


Stating that the snow thickness at the summit reached 2 meters, Cengiz Kazaz noted that the snow thickness in the hotels area was over 1 meter. Explaining that the snow is very soft and the quality is very suitable for skiing, Kazaz invited all ski lovers to ski at Davraz Ski Center.

Davraz Ski Center, which is 26 kilometers from Isparta, is 40 kilometers from Lake Eğirdir. Davraz Ski Center, which offers a magnificent view of Lake Eğirdir to skiers, has 3 chair lifts with a carrying capacity of one thousand people per hour and a T-Bar facility. The Ski Center offers Northern and Alpine skiing, tour skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, botanical observation, paragliding and trekking. Davraz is 154 kilometers from Antalya, 452 kilometers from Ankara, 420 kilometers from Izmir and 643 kilometers from Istanbul, and 58 kilometers from Süleyman Demirel Airport.