President Culha Examines Asphalt Works

Mayor Culha Examined Asphalt Works: Hatay's Arsuz District Mayor Nazım Culha examined the hot asphalt pavement work of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, which started in Höyük and continued in Konacık.
Within the scope of the Metropolitan Law, President Nazım Culha was accompanied by Sedat Deveci, the Deputy Director of Science Affairs, Koray Mazmancı, Konacik District Headman Ersoy Aslan and the members of the municipal council.
Saying that they want to complete the asphalt work, which will ease the traffic between Konacık and Uluçınar neighborhoods, and put it into the service of the citizens, Arsuz Mayor Nazım Culha said, “Within the scope of the asphalt work carried out in coordination with our metropolitan municipality and continuing the third phase, Höyük - Arpagedik, Avcılarsuyu-Arpagedik and Arsuz 27 tons of asphalt was used for the roads between Konacık. On the one hand, we are trying to erase the traces of the third flood, which caused great financial damage to our district, on the other hand, we are trying to bring our neighborhoods that have turned into neighborhoods from villages to city status. In this context, while we renew the roads in our Konacık Neighborhood with hot asphalt, we solve one of the biggest problems here ”. The residents of Konacık Neighborhood expressed their gratitude for the asphalt work that changed the face of their roads and thanked Mayor Nazım Culha for his services.

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