Tradesman obstacle in the upper gates

Artisans' obstacle to the upper crossings: the highways will be added to the highways of the trades to the upper crossings. Deputy Director of the Highway Ihsan Power, the highways they want to bring to the highways of the trades that the obstacles, said.
Batman-Siirt ring road to the TPAO boulevard of the four overpasses who want to give to the Highways to resign trades Governor Azmi Celik, proposed a solution. Deputy Director of Highways Ihsan Guclu said that they would like to give four more gates to the ring road outside the upper passage that they erected at Gültepe-Güneykent junction. Some tradesmen encountered the obstacle to the Force, Governor Azmi Celik found the proposal; Sistemi Apply the lottery system on which the tradesmen on the route will participate and sew the overpasses as soon as possible. Complete the work without any invisible accidents. Görün


Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:58

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