Çorumun 90 annual railway dream comes true

Çorumun 90 annual railway dream comes true: Çetin Başaranhıncal, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed the joy of being included in the investment program of Çorum railway.
Çetin Başaranhıncal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed the joy of being included in the investment program of the Çorum railway.
The January Assembly meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Çorum was held in the previous evening under the leadership of Deputy Speaker Necip Uygur. At the first meeting of the year, which was held with an intensive agenda item, TSO President Başaranhıncal said that they were happy to have reached a certain level in the studies on taking the railway into the investment program and reducing the VAT on the rice.
Başaranhıncal said that he believes that the railway will come to Çorum in a short time and said ine The railway was very important for Çorum and it was taken into the investment program. The railway will be better for Çorum. I would like to thank the people who have contributed to bringing the railway to Çorum. Our country has a beautiful service, e he said.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who contributed to the investment of Çorum in the investment program, thanking the relevant ministers and MPs separately., The introduction of the railway was the most important step taken in Çorum's 90 annual dream. In addition, our demand for the reduction of VAT on the rice came two years later. In this way, the export chances of Çorum rice will be increased. We thank those who contributed. E
Çorum TSO's solar energy system prepared by the 824 thousand pounds to be done by the OKA 618 thousand TL and TSO'dan 206 thousand TL will be done by giving the tender, this week the contract will be signed and after the delivery of the 6-8 in the month of the month by completing the TSO ' Başaranhıncal stated that the return of 10 thousand TL will be provided, the ongoing construction of the complex in the fair area is not yet a financial problem, such comments do not reflect the reality, due to the construction process, telling about the work extended by saying, The process of covering the facade continues. We received the offers and we will meet with the firms. Teklif
Başaranhıncal, who explained that Teknokent's 3-4 month secretariat will be executed by TSO, saying that the construction of the Vocational High School in OIZ has been completed and the interior design has been done; 40 with the percentage of the establishment of the association, but when the association established that they should be reduced to the percentage of 20 share they should be, the same situation also applies to Osmancik said.
On the other hand, after the speech of Başaranhıncal at the TSO Assembly Meeting, the selection of the 6 noble and 6 substitute members from the TSO was made for the company to be established for the Osmancık Organized Industrial Zone with the other agenda items.

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