Çorum railway will be lined with 2

Çorum railway will be in line with 2: AK Party deputy Salim Uslu said, yoluyla The products produced in Russia will be transported from Samsun to Black Sea to Samsun by train and then to Mersin Port via Çorum. This will make a great contribution to the economy of Çorum. Is Therefore, he said that the railway project should not be viewed as “only trains from Çorum bu.
Salim Uslu, Deputy Chief of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the MP of Çorum Çorum, visited the young MÜSİAD President Alper Tığlı, who refreshed the confidence in the general assembly at the weekend.
Accompanied by the AK Party provincial chairman Rumi Bekiroğlu, Central District President Yasar Anac and the Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Halil Ibrahim Kaya who visited the Branch Branch MUSIAD Uslu,, Young friends entrepreneurship encourages us. Turkey's youth and the future brighter. Nobody is desperate for the future, Kimse he said.
Uslu chaired the chairmanship of the first congress of MUSIAD'ın Uslu, said in his speech:
"A worker for the first time in Turkey was served in the General Assembly of an employers' organization. MUSIAD'la 28 in February, we made friends. We have experienced very troubled bushes. But we've left all this behind.
MUSIAD has an important role in Turkey. Represents the Anatolian capital. The structures representing the Anatolian capital have more power to change the country. Because there is a sense of self-confidence in Anatolian capital. Istanbul attitude during the occupation of the capital, the most difficult days in Turkey since Turkey has not. When the national interests are called their interests, they have chosen their own interests.
We need structures that are concerned for the future of Turkey. MUSIAD is the pioneer of these. TÜSİAD has to abandon its view as the forerunner of big capital and evolve into a new understanding that embraces Anatolian capital. Structures such as MUSIAD occurred because of this structure. The increase in the number of businessmen associations gave impetus to the Turkish economy. R & D and innovation work has played a prominent role in the businessmen's agenda.
The Anatolian capital has always favored change and transformation. We have to continue this cooperation for the political future of the country. Everyone should contribute to the future of the country in terms of their capabilities and capabilities. The slogan of. No salvation alone, all together, none of us başına is a very correct slogan. We're all on this ship. Therefore, we must be aiming for general liberation together. The world is still not affected by the global crisis. People-oriented policies are always needed.
Çorum has received significant investments that cannot be compared with the surrounding provinces. The railway line will be 2. One of the lines will be a high-speed train, and someone will be carrying freight. The products produced in Russia with the da ferrite 'project created by combining the ıla ferry Mersin of the ferry with the sea will be transported from Samsun to Black Sea to Samsun by train and then to Mersin Port of Çorum via train. This will make a great contribution to the economy of Corum. We cannot look at this project as geç only trains from Çorum tren. It would be of no harm to us if we look at the surrounding provinces and the disdain of the works done will not benefit us. Çevre


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