Rail in the snow came to the rescue of the citizen

📩 01/12/2018 16:36

Cards citizens come to the rescue rail system has grown: Turkey's difficulty in creating large part to the help of the public transportation in the metro area grows under the influence of snowfall.
While life in metropolitan areas comes to a halt because of the traffic that is paralyzed by the snow, the city administrators are working to open the roads and on the other hand they are trying to direct the public to public transportation.
It is noteworthy that the studies were insufficient at some point and there were problems in public transportation. Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Head of the Department of Rail Systems Engineering. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez, at this point, it would be more accurate to direct the public transportation to underground vehicles said.
Söylemez stated that despite the warnings made, there was no decrease in the number of people who had traffic with their own vehicles. I It is necessary to encourage the public to mass transportation especially on the days of heavy snowfall. However, considering that traffic will be congested, the vehicles are overcrowded and the ice will be covered by asphalt, the use of metros is considered to be the best option. Sık
Resort on subway
Not to mention the snow, as well as the cold weather in the city negatively affect the stress, vurgu Closing the roads and the cold following the cold, a great danger for vehicles and pedestrians. In this case, the snow and cold weather are not affected by the distances of transportation as the subway remedies, hav he said.
Söylemez stated that the metros, which are not affected by the weather conditions, also prevented the business life, emphasized that the metros have also contributed to the economic life.
Söylemez, reminiscent of the fact that metro and rail systems in many metropolitan cities in our country are preferred as a means of transportation, said:
De However, expanding the metro networks and increasing the wagon capacity are becoming more important in these days. 9-10 April 2015 Istanbul MetroRail Forum to be organized by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Istanbul Transportation Inc., Tunneling Association Metro Working Group and Association of Infrastructure and Trenchless Technologies The exhibition is very important in this sense. We aim to bring together many subcontractors and suppliers with the main contractors and administrations and pave the way for information exchange on the latest developments, while shedding light on the environmental, fast, disabled-friendly, integrated and sustainable metro investments of the Forum. Forum

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