Crazy Project Channel will be a new city in Istanbul

Crazy Project Kanal Istanbul will be a new city: The planned population of 4 million will gradually increase in the new settlement areas covering Başakşehir, Arnavutköy and Kayabaşı regions, which the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has been working on for 1.5 years.
With the project, it is planned to build hospitals, public residential areas, green spaces, universities, educational institutions and service industries called giant health, fair and chimneyless industry in the region. In addition, the financial sector remaining in the central and restricted areas of Istanbul will be shifted to the financial center to be established in the new city. Due to its proximity to the zones open to construction, it is said that the villages of Arnavutköy were taken as a center for development and Kayabaşı as a center. In the study, it was planned to move first 500 thousand and then 700 thousand population to settlement.
Therefore, the places where the metro and train lines will pass will be adjusted according to these newly planned zoning areas in the region. In order to protect the ecological balance, gradual permissions will be given to controlled development and new buildings. Vertical and multi-storey buildings, which were decided to be built under the leadership of TOKI, will be converted into lower-rise apartments. In the zoning plans, it is said that the density and building heights per hectare are now being rearranged in regions such as the villages of Arnavutköy and a certain part of Kayabaşı, which have not yet been opened to construction. The importance of housing in this region, where uninterrupted transportation to the city center is planned by metro and high-speed train, comes from the expectation of earthquakes. This situation is interpreted by the real estate experts in the relevant region, as the field prices in the villages of Arnavutköy and Kayabaşı in particular will double the price per square meter in two months.
According to the new regulation and earthquake resistant structures, such as buildings, Gaziosmanpasa, Habipler, Sultanciftligi, Bayrampasa areas of the old and risky people living in areas such as a new door will open.
It is now expected to start the tender and to be hit by the project.


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