Driverless cars in Germany to be tested on the highway

📩 21/12/2018 18:01

In Germany, driverless automobiles will be tested on the highway: While many countries are cautious about the development process of motorless cars, Germany is taking a different approach. The German government, which will overhaul the A9 motorway in Bavaria, will allow the road to be used in the testing of driverless cars. With this encouraging approach, the German government aims to carry its leading position in the automotive sector into the future.
Other governments are cautiously approaching driverless cars, especially for driving safety and legal reasons. Germany, which is one of the signatories of the 1968 Vienna Road Traffic Convention, confirms that cars are permanently under driver control; With the last year's regulation in the convention, this obligation for driverless automobiles had disappeared.
Thanks to this change, the obstacles to Germany's testing of motorless automobiles on the highway have also been removed. Within the framework of the so-called ıy Digital Highway özellikler project, the highway is planned to be equipped with technological features that will ensure communication between both automobiles and between road and car. These technological features will be placed on the other roads in the country after the Bavarian A9 highway.
German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, therefore, said that his country would again take the lead in the automotive sector.

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