Cable Car Passengers Insured

Ropeways Passengers are insured: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality insured passengers against the risk of death or disability as a result of an accident on the ropeway.

A total of 2 thousand 450 meters long with a dial gondola lift, which serves 28 cabin capacity between Altınordu-Boztepe can be found in the cabin with the work mentioned in the first qualification in Turkey based on the highest number of passengers Personal Accident Insurance was made.

30 From the date of the 2014 date, passengers were insured against the continuous disability of the ropeway as a result of an accident in the ropeway. At the same time, the ropeway station with sub-station, sub-station and 7 units, and the total number of 15 worth $ 1,000 million worth of ropeways were insured against possible damages such as fire, earthquake and terror.

According to the statement made by the General Directorate of ORBEL, it is a first to insure the passengers carrying the ropeway station in our country, and that similar facilities should be insured against natural events and unexpected situations.

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