Overpass and overpass will be performed in metropolitan cities instead of level crossing

In metropolitan cities, crossing and overpass will be made instead of level crossing: In order to prevent possible accidents, level crossings will be removed and upper and lower passage will be made. The project to be implemented in metropolitan areas is expected to be completed within 3 years.
TCDD Member of the Board of Directors and Assistant General Manager İsa ApaydınStating that with the precautions taken, there has been an 4 percent decrease in level crossing accidents in the last 89 years, nearly 500 level crossings in big cities will be canceled with over and under crossings to reduce the number of accidents, and they will activate the train speed sensitive warning system to prevent long-term waiting.
Apaydın, who made the opening speech of the panel on "Level Crossings" organized by TCDD and Dokuz Eylül University Transportation Safety and Accident Investigation Application Research Center at Alsancak Station, stated that as a result of the uncontrolled development of residential areas, railways had to cross highways with level crossings, and these crossings were careless and rushed by drivers. He stated that he was the scene of accidents as a result of his behavior.
Saying that there were many casualties in the accidents and the bills of the accidents were unfairly paid to TCDD, Apaydın pointed out that although the institution does not have a duty in this regard, it has started investments to make level crossings safer since 2003.
Stating that with these studies, 12 crossings with high risk of accidents have been closed and 602 crossings have been protected in the last 603 years, Apaydın said, “I would like to express with happiness that 2000 accidents occurred in level crossings in 361 as a result of the improvements made, as of September 2014, this number was 89 percent. with a decrease of 41 pieces ”he said.
Apaydın, who has made statements to the reporters after the panel, emphasized that they have been working with TUBITAK on a speed sensitive signal system in order to minimize the effects of impatience factor, which is the most important cause of accidents.
As the freight trains are slow, Apaydın stated that the duration of the barrier was extended and gave the following information:
“The bell starts ringing when the train approaches 1,5-2 kilometers to the level crossings. If the train travels at 30 km / hour, the time to arrive at the pass is longer. Some citizens are bored and try to cross through barriers. We are working on developing speed sensitive rail circuits. With this system, which will shorten the warning time according to the speed of the train, the waiting time of the drivers will be reduced. We started in Adana and Mersin, where we modernized the signal system. This system will spread throughout the country. "
Apaydın also stated that there are studies on the radio frequency stimulation of the drivers approaching the level crossing, and said that their priorities are over and overpass investments in the prevention of accidents.
Apaydın said:
“We aim to close the passages in the regions with high vehicle density, which are critical in terms of accidents in big cities, and turn them into underpasses and overpasses. In particular, we took the metropolitan cities forward, and we will turn almost all of them into underpasses and overpasses in 3 years. The Ministry of Transport left these investments to us by putting money in our budget. We have not clarified in numbers, but we estimate it will reach 500. "

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