Bursa Teferrüç Hotels Cable Car Line June 2015 Price Schedule


There is no public day application. Tickets are valid for 6 months. Except for adverse weather conditions, flights are made non-stop between 7, 08.20.00 days a week. In case of "not being able to provide service" due to weather conditions, announcements are made from Bursa Teleferik social media accounts and website.

One-way fee applies to ler one way r tickets between Teferrüç-Hotels Region or Hotels Region-Teferrüç. At Kadıyayla, which is the intermediate station, it is not possible to buy a ticket at the moment.

students of all schools across Turkey "Located tax labels of that year, student ID cards" showing can benefit from 50% discount prices.

Certificate of Disability is obligatory. Passengers of passengers with an obstacle rating above 50 receive a discount of 50% 50. However, if the disability is less than% XNUMX, the X full ticket% tariff is applied to the attendants.
Each cabin is equipped with an 8 ski suit and 2 snowboard. Passengers should put their skis and snowboards in this area outside the cabin.

• Credit card and BUKART are valid. Tickets can be purchased with all credit cards and BUKART can be switched from yapılabilir turnstile Tüm without having to buy tickets.


• Bursa Teleferik Teferrüç Station, digital ticket system used in the toll station.
• Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. for the special projects of tourism agencies for groups and companies. Mutual negotiation with management.

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