Bursa intercity cable car project approved by the board

Bursa city cable car line was approved by the board: Bursa city cable car line was approved by the board: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, the approval of the Board of Cultural Heritage by the approval of the Ministry of Culture of the cable car to the city of Zafer-Gökdere-Irgandi-teleferik line He said they were going to shoot the first one. 300 thousand people to the new ropeway, but the target of the year 4,5 thousand people have been reached, such as the 500 number of thousand reached President Altepe, from Istanbul to Uludag said much easier to reach.
Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, transportation in Bursa is now easier, stating,, Teleferik from the center of Bursa to go up to Sarıalan, Sarıalan'den to reach the hotel. It was troubling for our citizens. Great vehicles landing from the Uludag were sliding and closing the road. People were trapped for hours. It was a big troublesome journey, but it was no longer necessary. Now the cable car can be reached up to the hotel's central ski slopes, Artık he said.
Altepe expressing that the trees are not cut in the region during the work of the ropeway, "We cut the tree we said we go from top to top". This time it was a bit more airy and with a view. And now with a beautiful view, one does not understand what a journey is. Because you are now sitting down and 8 cabins. While you are on the way, you cannot see how you came to Uludağ. This is an enjoyable trip, a pleasant trip, "he said.
Altepe pointed out that they set the target yearly 300 thousand people for the number of people who used the cable car. Even when the weather was getting darker in the evening, people went to Uludağ. That is the favorite of foreigners Bursa and Uludag. People are aware of this paradise. They come from Malaysia, Ota East and Europe to Bursa and visit Uludağ. You no longer need to stay there to ski in Uludag. New Year's holidays, semester breaks can be full of hotels. You can stay in Bursa, you can take your ski teams and go to Uludağ with the cable car Bursa.
Altepe also heralded the approval of the local ropeway by the board, said:
I The new system was recently approved by the Board of Natural Heritage. After that, we connect the line from the city center to the cable car station. Those who come to Bursa will depart from Istanbul, come to Mudanya and come to Gökdere station from there with rail system and will climb to the top. From there, you will go to Uludag by ski slopes. So there's no traffic jam. I hope this summer the cable car will connect with the metro. It will be possible to stay at least 6 hours for a day trip from Istanbul to Uludağ. You'll be back in the morning.
Mayor Altepe, who invited Istanbul residents to Bursa to breathe, said,, These are really nice things Bursa is beautiful, Uludağ should be shared with them. Most of our people don't see them. These are not big money, go to the top of Uludag 20 lira. Let people evaluate it. We expect all our people, especially Istanbul, to Uludağ. In Uludağ, we built the infrastructure. Water, sewerage was new. Formerly was on its own, everything is now making new investments to make Uludag the center of attraction, Esk he said.

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