Burdur's new attraction center Salda Ski Center

Salda Ski Center, the new attraction of Burdur: The season opening of Salda Ski Center, which was established in Yeşilova with the view of Salda Lake, was held with entertaining events, competitions and shows. In the opening event, where professional athletes performed Snowbord shows, sliding competitions were organized with sleds and bags.

The season opening of the Salda Ski Center, which was set up on Yeşilova Eşeler Mountain, 70 km from Burdur by the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, was held at the weekend. At the opening events, which were attended by many athletes and citizens, the participants had fun and enjoyed the winter sports.
Speaking at the events attended by Deputy Bayram Özçelik, Deputy Governor Ali Nazım Balcıoğlu and Yeşilova District Governor Necdet Özdemir, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Ahmet Sancar said that Salda Ski Center will serve for 12 months, as well as winter sports, and said there would be a center where the events would take place.

Salda Ski Center, established on Eşeler Mountain with a view of Lake Salda in Yeşilova, consists of 600 tracks, the longest track of which is 950 thousand and the shortest ski track is 5 meters. The center, which is 72 km from Burdur and 15 km from Yeşilova, fascinates those who come with its image. Salda Ski Center, which is opened for the season with events held on the weekend, is located in Eşeler Plateau. In the summer months, the area where wheeled skiing sports will be held and picnics and various activities will continue, is preparing to become a center of attraction for Burdur and neighboring provinces.
Burdurlu people should go to the Ski Center
Speaking at the opening where various events and competitions were held, Deputy Bayram Özçelik emphasized that the Salda Ski Center should be the owner of the Yeşilovalı and Burdurlu. We must create picnic areas in the mood. In summer, we should carry grass skiing or different ski sports in Europe and keep this area open for service for 12 months. We try to be the pioneer. If someone has a mind for Burdur, we are trying to do this as best we can.
We have to make it a center of attraction
Advocating that the Salda Ski Center should be an attraction center that appeals to the region, Deputy Governor Ali Nazım Balcıoğlu said, “Yeşilovians are very lucky, especially young people are very lucky. They should make good use of this chance. A domain that doesn't have a lot of ads. Antalya is a province that receives 12 million foreign tourists every year, Expo 2016 will be held in Antalya in 2016 and 10 million people are expected. At this point, we can turn Salda Ski Center into a center of attraction by making the necessary advertisements in the surrounding provinces. ” said.
Every year will be more beautiful
Yeşilova District Governor Necdet Özdemir stated that they will continue to work by developing, beautifying and growing the Salda Ski Center every year, and said, “Our Salda Ski Center is important for our region. Activities will continue here to improve skiing and to increase young people's interest in skiing. Young people should have an interest in at least one sport. If we increase our children's interest in sports, it will surely have positive returns. ” said.
National athletes will train
In his speech, Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Ahmet Sancar, who shared information about Salda Ski Center, said, “Salda Ski Center was put into service in 2012. It is located at Trans Tepe, which is 72 km from Burdur and 15 km from Yeşilova. The longest track of the facility, which has 5 ski tracks, is 600 meters and the shortest track is 950 meters. There are dresses and ski equipment for skiing. We have a coach in our facility for 12 months. With 60 active athletes, roller skis are done in summer and snow skiing in winter. ” and emphasized his belief that athletes will be trained from the facility to the national team.