Turkey's Economy Will Change the BTK railway is opened

When the BTK railway opened to Amend Turkey's Economy: Political Accumulation Journal of the concessionaire Mustafa Kupel's answering questions Digicom Group of Companies Chairman Sabri Yigit, the country's economy, especially in Kars case of Ardahan and Iğdır and yesterday-today of KAI foundation and was an important statement on tomorrow .
especially in technology, many areas in which investments in Turkey, Turkey DIGICON Japanese giant has respected businessmen from Turkey and Kars, Mr. Sabri Yiğit; In the medium and long term, of Turkey and Kars economy, by putting forward possible tables will encounter, especially Kars and the region was very caring Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway line for economic development and found in extremely dramatic and important insights about the repercussions.
At the same time in social development, drawing attention to the indispensability of civil society organizations, and in this area, loaded and important responsibilities, located in dedication and which is also an important actor in Turkey industry, the interview we conducted Dear to Yiğit'l also with you paylaşalım ...
The wind of the economy sometimes reverses sometimes
M. KÜPELİ: Japanese companies to Turkey representative. A contribution to Turkey's economy and the direction that many companies a manager. There will be a whisper in the wind crisis in Turkey. Is this correct, what are your predictions on this issue?
S. YİĞİT: Our geopolitical position in the world is very troubled. From time to time our economy is taking the wind behind us because of our strategic position, and occasionally it is also exposed to reverse winds. Some periods sometimes in favor of Turkey against Turkey. For example, there was a crisis in Russia. physical location where Turkey is located in the middle of oil and gas in the world, but we do not have them. Our advantages also have disadvantages. Advantages and disadvantages when synthesizing process that is currently in favor of Turkey. If there are no obvious mistakes, then there are mistakes, and if economic processes are managed well, our country will gain big profits.
Turkey will come after China and India
Now the Turkish business community has learned to sell goods. But good, but bad, even if it was a dream. The continent of Europe is completely over. There are no general competitive costs, no socioeconomic prosperity, and no more competitiveness.
There is now China, India is there, we will come. At present, we produce low value added products. Our costs are low. Let me give you an example: a container exports, Japan's average is 65 thousand dollars, which is Turkey's 29 thousand dollars. So in the same container we sell 30 for a thousand dollars, they sell 165 for a thousand dollars. We need to raise our 30 thousand dollars to 40-50 a thousand dollars over time. In time, we can close this gap.
The young generation will increase Turkey's exports
I have traveled around the world. I took part in fairs in many places and saw that: Everywhere big and small Turkish businessmen especially young generation businessmen have started to sell and sell something. I think the bright future awaits Turkey's exports periods.
If the problem is resolved Logistics is developing in the region wins in Turkey
M. KÜPELİ: The longest rail system in the world, Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway project, which will be able to connect London to Beijing and be instrumental in the revival of the historical Silk Road, will be opened in the region's 100 annual dream. In the case of realization of this project would be what interests like Turkey?
S. YİĞİT: London and Tokyo do not interest us. What concerns us is Kars-Kazakhstan. This project will change the economy of not only the economy of Turkey. Currently Turkey's biggest problem is the logistics problems experienced in foreign trade with Central Asia. The cost of transport of goods that we have sold to Turkic Republics is very high at the moment. For a container we are exposed to more than $ 1 1500 transportation costs. Sea transport to Asia is very problematic and land transportation is very expensive. Again, the second condition for the revival of trade as Turkey's urgent is to remove the passport application with pre-Asian states. Boundaries must be removed for the development of trade. All of these countries need Turkey. This is a beautiful market for us. The Kars-Tbilisi railway line will also be the backbone of trade with these countries.
M. KÜPELİ: When Kars-Baku-Tbilisi railway and Nakhichevan are added to the project, Kars will be the center of the region. Then there will be a logistic village. Can Kars Ardahan Iğdır Development Foundation develop a project to benefit from border trade, railway and logistics?
S. YİĞİT: If you want to invest in a place that needs to be developed like Kars, the cost of the project should be the money you can throw into 50 million water. If you don't think so, you should take out the feasibility of your project. This has to be feasibility. Kars is a geography with numerous disadvantages as climate. Secondly the distance as a distressed place. My father had a will. He said to Kars, "Work, build a business that produces a high yield." The school, everyone is making the mosque, the school is nice but the priority is to make it work.
May Allah have mercy on gan be with us, we are trying to manage the order established by our late father. Twenty-four hours we sleep with him and stay with him. Now when we look at it, we are selling our cleaning product group, Parex brand, Turkic Republics in serious quantities, which we produce as fast consumption. He travels through India, crossing the Red Sea and going through India. When we try to send him away, we are miserable.
We look forward to the railway project
When this Kars-Baku-Tbilisi railway project is implemented, we will invest in a logistics center in the production and storage near the railway line. We're gonna get the production there. Because it's a big cost to get to Kars from here. We look forward to the impatience of the railway project. We have countries that are already our customers; Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Russia is ready. We sell goods significantly. The production factory, which will be established in Kars with the money of the goods we send to these countries, easily rescues itself. I want to say this. Political decisions are temporary. Economic prosperity is important in permanent stability in the country. Turkey has a large current account deficit, this solution out to sell our goods, we do not receive our goods from outside. From a very simple elementary school student's mathematics account, it is no different from a grocery account. There is also a fact that the ratio of exports to imports is improving every day. There are many opportunities in front of Turkey. Thanks to the developing technology, the energy roadmap is changing very quickly. Oil and gas dependence will change every 10 annually. Solar energy is a very good opportunity. We'il take it well.

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