Brezoviça Ski Center The Tourist Tourist Center of the Balkans

Brezovic Ski Center Favorite Tourist Center of the Balkans: Brezovica ski center, located on the slopes of Shar Mountain, which has been the subject of folk songs in Kosovo, is one of the favorite ski resorts of balkans. Brezovica, closer to Prizren, is located 40 km from Pristina.

Last year, the renovation of the ski resort in Brezicova ski lift and night skiing is available for those who want special lighting. In the ski resort, which is the busiest tourist attraction of the year, both domestic and foreign tourists travel on the hillsides of the mountain covered with white hills and at the height of Bin 700, the excitement and the adrenaline.

The European Commission plans to invest an investment in 25 MILLION EURO FOR BREZOVIC

After the European Commission survey last year, Brezovica, the largest ski resort in the balkans, is planning an investment of 25 million Euros to become one of the world ski resorts.

One of the leading builders of world ski resorts, Ecosign Europa will start work in 2015. According to the plan approved by the Kosovo government, the ski center is planned to be constructed in a different area of ​​the mountain as a tourist village with 5 ropeway and 25 kilometer ski slope.

Being close to Pristina airport, Pristina and Prizren, and at half its prices, Brezovica has become one of the favorite ski resorts of balkans.