Citizens enjoying skiing in the Bozdag

Skiing enjoyment of citizens in Bozdağ: Bozdag Ski Center in Tavas district is flocked with the students who want to enjoy the snow with the student who knows the opportunity of holiday.

Bozdağ Ski Center, located in the district of Nikfer and where new facilities are being built to revive ski tourism, are the residents of the city as well as many citizens from nearby cities such as Muğla, Aydın and İzmir and enjoy the snow.

Citizens, who also take advantage of the semester break, spend a good time skiing on the tracks with their children all day long. Citizens who want to both learn and slide on the tracks obtain their ski equipment from Nature Tourism, Youth and Sports Association (NIKADOS), which operates in the field. Many citizens who cannot find materials enjoy skiing in the snow using plastic tubs, bags and sacks. The more professional ones have fun all day long in the Snovboard area.

- Free ski lessons for students

NIKADOS provides free ski lessons for students who want to ski in the ski center.

Stating that they teach students in the company of experienced trainers, NIKADOS President Hakan Keysan said, “There is a great interest in the ski resort. There are people coming from coastal cities on weekends. Families and their children show great interest. It reaches more than 300 students on weekends. The snow depth here can now reach 1 meter 50 centimeters at the starting point of the ski center and up to 3 meters in the upper tracks. There will be an open ski area in the future for distinctive skiing. Now it is possible to ski in Denizli, we are waiting for everyone here ”.

Stating that he came from Aydın for skiing, Ali Çokel stated that they came to the ski area with their children after the semester break and had a lot of fun.

Saying that he came from Izmir as a report card gift to his children, Hatice Can invited everyone to Bozdağ to enjoy the snow.

Meteorology officials stated that at the summit in Bozdağ, the snow thickness was measured as 3 meters 20 centimeters and the temperature was minus 3 degrees during the day and minus 10 degrees at night.