Bomb panic at Marmaray station

The bomb panic at the Marmaray station: ISTANBUL The bag that was left at the bus stop in front of Marmaray station in Kazlıçeşme created panic. Out of the purse that the bomb squad detonated.
The bag that was left at the bus station in front of Marmaray Station in Istanbul Kazlıçeşme caused a bomb panic. Bomb disposal teams out of the bag that detonated the detonator came out of the clothes. Police warned citizens not to leave bags and trash in open areas. At the bus stop in front of the Marmaray station in Kazlıçeşme, citizens who saw a suspicious bag at the 10.30 ranks reported the situation to the police. Incoming teams, the possibility of a bomb inside the bag, took a large security measures around the bus station. Buses were not approached. Police called bomb squad at the bus station. About 20 minutes after the bomb disposal expert, wearing special clothing tied the detonator to the suspicious bag. Bomb disposal teams, "Controlled explosion will be," he warned by announcing the citizens. Clothes detonated by blowing the detonator came out of the bag.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 16:41

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