Bolu Mountain Tunnel Access Is Closed

Bolu Mountain Tunnel Closed to Transportation: The Ankara direction of the Bolu Mountain pass of the TEM Highway and the Ankara direction of the Bolu Mountain pass of the D-100 highway are closed to transportation.
The Ankara direction of the Bolu Mountain pass of the TEM Highway and the Ankara direction of the Bolu mountain pass of the D-100 highway are closed to transportation as a result of the vehicle slipping. While heavy snowfall negatively affected the transportation, the Highways teams started work to open the road to transportation.
While the Ankara direction of TEM Highway Bolu Mountain Tunnel was closed as a result of the slip of the truck, the road was opened to transportation in a short time by throwing salt to the place where the vehicle slides. D-100 Highway Bolu Mountain passage's Ankara direction was also opened to transportation. However, the road was closed for transportation as a result of the slippage of a truck in TEM Highway Bolu Mountain pass. Efforts are being made to withdraw TIR from the road.
Sivas and Erzincan highway Zara and Imranli district and Kızıldağ location because of the type of snow and transportation can not be provided. The teams connected to the highways continue to work on the road closed due to snow and type.
Transportation is provided on a single lane in Sivas-Malatya road which is closed for transportation yesterday.
Due to snowfall and type, it is not possible to reach 921 in Sivas, 251 in Tunceli, 233 in Tokat, 163 in Kırıkkale, 136 in Malatya, 110 in Elazığ, 77 in Kırşehir and 65 in Yozgat.
According to the information received, 22 in Sivas central district, 29 in Akıncılar, 12 in Altınyayla, 80 in Divriği, 26 in Doğanşar, 27 in Gemerek, 29 in Gölova, 60 in Gürün, 65 in Hafik, İmranlı in Istanbul, 99 in Kangal, 100 in Koyulhisar, 39 in Suşehri, 59 in Şarkışla, 83 in Ulaş, 9 in Yıldızeli and 48 in Zara, 134 village roads closed due to snowfall and type. .
Provincial Special Administration teams, 32 grader, 11 dozer, 32 support vehicle, 17 loader, 6 snow blade truck, 3 rotary and 202 staff to continue to work with the road.
Transportation in 251 village roads is not possible due to the snowfall and type that is effective in Tunceli.
Nazif Yildirim, General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration, AA correspondent, said in a statement, snowfall continued to be effective in high sections, he said.
Stating that the efforts to fight against the snow on the village roads that are closed to transportation continue uninterruptedly, Yıldırım said, “Today, 251 village roads cannot be reached throughout our city. Our 8 snow-fighting teams carry out their work primarily on group village roads and on the roads of sick villages. The type that is effective locally makes it difficult for our snow-fighting efforts. ”
Lightning, citizens may request assistance in an emergency, he said.
Due to snowfall and type, 233 village roads were closed in Tokat.
Recep Gokce, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, Tokat and districts began the afternoon of snowfall said yesterday.
After the rainfall, the village road of 233, indicating that the transportation is closed Gökçe, said the teams continue to work with the snow.
Gökçe, 15 in the city center, 20 in Almus, 2 in Artova, 6 in Başçiftlik, 21 in Erbaa, 45 in Zile, 36 in Niksar, 10 in Yeşilyurt, 4 in Sulusaray, 3 in Pazar He noted that a team of 5 people is continuing to make 66 village roads in Turhal and 100 village roads in Reşadiye available for transportation.
In the meantime, the type of Tokat-Sivas highway near Çamlıbel and Yatmış village is influential.
Reşadiye district center due to adverse weather conditions were suspended today.
Being 7 in the central district, 12 in Çelebi, 6 in Yahşihan, 23 in Bishayh, 37 in Delice, 50 in Keskin, 4 in Bahşılı, 23 in Sulakyurt and 1 in Karakeçili due to snowfall in Kırıkkale. 163 village roads were closed to transportation.
Special Provincial Administration teams continue to work with 22 construction equipment and 17 personnel to open roads.
Meteorological Directorate officials, stating that the snow will continue today, citizens warned against frost risk as well as be warned against frost.
Malatya and districts have a negative impact on snow and life.
18 in Akçadağ, 19 in Arapgir and Hekimhan, 8 in Arguvan, 6 in Battalgazi, 12 in Darende, 14 in Doğanşehir, 7 in Doğanyol and Kale, 4 in Kuluncak, Pütürge ' The roads of 14 neighborhoods in 4 rural areas, 136 in Yazihan and Yeşilyurt each, were closed due to snowfall and type.
75 team of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work to open the way to the closing neighborhood roads. It was learned that the road of the 10 neighborhood was opened to five people in the Darende and Pütürge districts in rural areas where the teams were working to lead the way during the night.
It was recorded that heavy snowfall and its type caused the closure of the opened roads and therefore slowing the road.
Transportation in 110 village roads is not possible due to snowfall and type in Elazig.
In a written statement from the Elazig Special Provincial Administration, due to snowfall, 28 in Karakoçan, 21 in Sivrice, 20 in Palu, 19 in Maden, 9 in Kovancılar, 9 in Keban, 2 in Alacakaya and 2 in the central district. It was stated that the road is closed to transportation.
In the statement that pointed out that heavy snowfall and type make it difficult to reach villages, “The Snow Fighting Coordination Unit continues to work with 66 vehicles and 75 personnel. Our teams will work on a 24-hour basis as long as the weather conditions allow and the type will open our closed village roads to transportation as soon as possible ”.
It was reported that electricity could not be supplied to many settlements in Elazig, Bingol, Tunceli and Malatya due to adverse weather conditions.
A written statement made by Fırat Elektrik Dağıtım Anonim Şirketi (EDAŞ) stated that there was serious damage to the distribution network due to snow and strong wind.
A crisis center was created within the company and the developments were followed up instantly and the following were recorded:
“All of our teams have been mobilized to fix the malfunctions, but some areas where damage has not been reached. For this reason, electricity cannot be supplied to Pütürge of Malatya, Kiğı, Yedisu and Adaklı districts of Bingöl, Servi town, Terteli, Pertek, Nazımiye, Ovacık, Hozat and Çemişgezek district centers and affiliated villages. Repairs are being carried out rapidly in the areas where transportation is provided, and electricity will be supplied to the regions with interruptions as soon as possible. ”
Meanwhile, it has been learned that approximately 30 villages in Elazig's Palu district have been experiencing power cuts for 24 hours due to adverse weather conditions.
Transportation in 77 village roads is not possible due to snowfall in Kırşehir.
Bektaş Aydoğan, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, told the AA correspondent that 40 village roads, 20 in Kaman, 11 in Çiçekdağı, 4 in Akçakent, 2 in Akpınar and 77 in Mucur district, are not accessible due to the snowfall that is effective throughout the province. said that.
Aydogan, teams 8 grader, 6 snow machine, 2 bucket and 1 dozer to continue the road is said to continue work.
Due to snowfall and type, 65 village roads were closed to transportation in Yozgat.
General Director of Special Provincial Administration of Yozgat Governor Muammer Yanik, AA correspondent, said the Yozgat and the districts of snowfall 3 days are continuing with intervals, he said.
Yanık stated that after the snowfall and type, 8 village roads in Çekerek, 1 in Çayıralan and 56 village roads in Akdağmadeni were closed to transportation.

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