Ski Resort to be installed in Bolkar Mountains

Bolkar Mountains Ski Resort to be established: 3 thousand 524 meters attracting attention with its natural beauty Bolkar Mountains in winter tourism will increase Nigde.

Within the scope of the 'Çiftehan Bolkar' Project created in Ulukışla district, mountain tourism, winter tourism, thermal tourism, nature tourism and health tourism will be experienced simultaneously. The ski resort to be built in the Bolkar region, which is made in the world's number one winter tourism centers, will host holidaymakers from Niğde, Konya, Aksaray, Mersin and Adana. Nigde Governor Necmeddin Sword, Bolkar mountains to be installed chairlift, citizens will do both skiing and nature will watch the beauty, he said. Kilic, Ankara-Adana highway 16 miles away from the citizens of the Bolkar Mountains will enjoy the skiing facilities will be held on the day, from where the thermal tourism center in the thermal tourism center Çiftehan thermal facilities will benefit from the said.


Governor Kılıç said, “When the 'Çiftehan Bolkar' project is considered together, it is possible to ski during the day, to stay at the thermal resort at night, to benefit from the spa tourism, it is half an hour away. With this project, it will be possible to present mountain tourism, winter tourism, nature tourism, thermal tourism and health tourism to the service of people at the same time. It is a geography with a tremendous potential and perhaps a project designed in accordance with that geography that will accommodate the rare facilities in our country. If the planning and permitting processes of the work go as we expected, we plan to dig in the summer of 2015 and to finish significantly in the late 2015. Our project is ready, our resource is ready, only permits and bureaucratic processes to be done at the moment, ”he said.

Stating that there is a density of snow for 8 months, Governor Kılıç said, “Adana, which is located in the north of the Taurus Mountains, has been very noteworthy in terms of its snow quality, snow density, snow depth and long-term nature, but has remained idle until now. it was a shadow that could not be invested. Last year, with the demand of our people in Niğde and their application to us, we started a study to bring this area to our country and to bring it to the tourism of our city. This area, which has a tremendous potential, has an intensity to serve nature tourism in 8 months of the year. Because, Karagöl is a natural wonder, where there are 2700 kinds of endemic plants in the code 120 and the only frog that does not crow in the world. People from all over the world were doing mountain sports in the Medetsiz mountains adjacent to the lake and to see this lake. In other words, we had to make some efforts in a virgin area that could serve several types of tourism at the same time. First of all, we made a tender to make ready-made maps of the area, to conduct geological studies, and the company informed us by doing its work. We got the permissions from the Ministry of Forestry, we will get the necessary permission from the Board of Culture and Natural Heritage, and our project will come to the executive stage by approving the project from the Provincial General Assembly. We will have tenders to set up 4 different chairlift lines and daily facilities. We will start these studies in the next summer. Hopefully, we want to bring this service to our Niğde by working day and night. It will be realized at a very low cost, well below the costs we originally designed. Therefore, we will realize the project by staying within the resources we provide due to these projects. ”

TELESIJ will be installed

Governor Necmeddin Kılıç said, “People will move from the Meydan plateau to the 700 meters high hill. You can go down from this hill with 4 different tracks. We have 2 kilometers of tracks for professional skiers, 700 meters for those who know moderate skiing, and 300-400 meters for beginners. When this project is completed, we will be able to host many guests, but for those who want to stay overnight, they will be able to stay in a certain area. Our region is very close to Adana and Mersin. Konya is close to the motorway and is located very close to Turkey's Ankara and Adana which is one of the main axes. It is located in a geography that people can easily reach as a geography. The area has the capacity to attract international tourism from Gaziantep, Hatay and even the Middle East. ”